Friday, 12 April 2013

Pizolada Delle Dolomiti 2013

Sunday the 14th April 2013.

The 37th edition of the Pizolada Delle Dolomiti, a classic Italian ski mountaineering event is taking place on the snowy peaks of the Val di Fassa and San Pellegrino pass.
The race will feature two categories: 

  • the first one at 16.42km long and with 1725m climbing, qualifies as an International test for the world cup “Certified Race ISMF” (Italian National Mountaineer Skiing team will also be participating)
  • the second one at 12.4km long and with 1045m climb is aimed at hobbyists and non-professional participants but is a good challenge for all.

The start is scheduled for 8:15am, and the weather forecast for Sunday is set for sunny with perfect snow conditions.

The main sponsors for this year's edition are Scarpa, a leading brand in mountaineering equipment and foot-wear.

In our debut year on this exhilarating sport, we decided to take part in the event too!!
We'll post a full race review and hopefully some footage for you all to enjoy as well as some footage from the last couple of months preparation. 

It should be good fun... 

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